Curriculum vitae - Olga Švárová-Vlachová

After finishing her studies at the Business College in Prague continued studying the flute at the Musical Conservatory of Pilsen in the class of Professor Jana Brejchova - Pastrnakova (2001-2007). During her studies, she regularly attended the courses of Professor Miroslav Malotin from Prague Conservatory and courses of Professor Julie Branna, Professor Hansgeorge Schmeiser, Raffael Trevissani and others. During her studies at the Conservatory of Pilsen, she worked in a semi-professional accordion ensemble called Dalibor, led by Vaclav Tresnak and furthermore in doom metal jam band Spice jam Group. She also played with a medieval ensemble group Flagrance with the current name Rebule. She hosted in Music of the 35th Infantry Regiment in Pilsen and early music ensemble in Prague. After graduation, she was a member of the band Euphorica, Dua Sfumatura and hosted in Musica Cubana - Son Caliente, Dos Cubanas and La Múzika too.


Currently Olga Vlachova is a member of the group Pragensis, Cover Me, Trigemmy, DuoMO, Duo Flute and guitare. She is a teacher at the Stefanikova Music School in Prague, where she teaches the Recorder and the Flute. Moreover she plays on contemporary instruments, such as reed-pipe and Salima.


During twelve years of teaching experience many of her students achieved success in the competitions in the field of playing the flute organized by different music schools.